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REroot CRM is the right tool to digitally transform your business and thereby increase revenue

Real Estate CRM systems can help you
Reduce the time it takes for a flat/shop to sell out
Increase client retention
Reduces Sales and Marketing expenses
Increase your flat/ shop sales
Maximise revenue based on salesperson
Boost sales productivity
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The Best Real Estate CRM Software in India
Add Property details & know about your Property Stock
Track salesperson-specific targets
Keep track of past and upcoming site visits
Forecast sales on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
Follow up on leads on a regular basis
Prioritize and focus on important leads
Improve sales performance
Send payment reminders
Market to leads and clients via SMS and email
CRM can be accessed via desktop, tablet, and phone
Reports and dashboard
Track new calls per day, follow-up calls, conversions, and so on to evaluate tele-caller performance

REroot CRM is the right tool to digitally transform your business and thereby increase revenue

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REroot CRM is a real estate CRM software is a tool that assists realtors in managing interactions with existing and potential clients in the commercial real estate builders. Rather than dealing with a disorganized datebook or a perplexing spreadsheet, you can organize all of the information in a centralized system.

CRM in real estate companies, such as financing, marketing, and construction, ensures seamless communication between the company and its prospects via integration. CRM, without a doubt, bridges the departmental gap and aids in the transformation of the departmental process into an efficient and streamlined workflow.

It is critical for real estate agencies to establish rapport and strong relationships with their customers. You can better understand your customers, forecast their demands, tailor your marketing, and provide them with personalized experiences by using real estate CRM software.

CRM software for Real Estate Agents allows them to conduct all of their business in one convenient location. It provides a centralized database where you can track, manage, and gain complete visibility into all deals, from managing incoming leads and contracts to nurturing programs. Manage customer relationships more effectively with powerful automations, integrations, dashboards, customizable workflows, and multiple data views. Therefore, it's important to have the best CRM for Real Estate Agents.

CRM for real estate brokers means being able to integrate with your most important platforms, such as marketplace listings, social media, and others. CRM in real estate companies ensures seamless communication between the company and its prospects through integration.

CRM captures and processes all leads received via phone, property portals, and corporate websites, with the goal of never missing a lead or a follow-up. establishes a link between builders and their clients It has many features, such as Inquiry Life Cycle Management, Customer Interactions, Bookings, and Accounts.