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End to end customer management solution

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Lead Management

Manage your leads from the first touch point until they become your customer.

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Sales Management

Equip your sales managers with the latest Inventory details and Units information.

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Manage the entire lifecycle of the customer until unit handover

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Unit Handover Management

Unit wise snag list management until possession

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Whitel Label solutions

Get your own branded Android & iOS Apps for your customers

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Dashboard with Analytics

Monitor metrics, efficiency and overall health of your organisation on the go

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API based integrations with multiple third party solutions

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Process Driven

Industry best practices and processes based solution

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Easy to use check-list based solution

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Role based access to different features in the system

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Business Intelligence

Analytics and reports to take informed business decisions.

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Device Independent

Our solutions work on Android, iOS & Web


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We integrate with other real estate aggregators and social media lead generation forms so that all the leads are funneled and managed from a single dashboard. We also integrate with cloud telephony providers so that you don't miss a single lead!

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Drive Revenue Using Our CRM Software for Real Estate

In real estate businesses, engaging the existing customers has an essential role to play in acquiring future clients and customers. Growth in the real estate industry depends on building trust. It isn't a surprise that around 82% of new sales in property result from referrals from previous or existing contacts, clients, friends, family, or relatives.

Managing incoming leads can be a challenge for realtors, but real estate CRM software can be of tremendous help. It not only works wonders in managing leads but also keeps a track on interactions to allow realtors to stay on top of their game.

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

A real estate CRM software is essentially a system designed to cater to the requirements of real estate firms and agents. The software is meant to manage incoming requests, prepare price quotes, sell properties, and anything that is required in end-to-end process management.

With the ability to adapt to both mobile and desktop, CRM in real estate industry has a significant role to play in making the processes seamless, allowing agents and firms to pay close attention to every deal for growing the business.

Benefits of CRM in Real Estate Industry

There are certain prominent benefits of having CRM in real estate industry. With CRM, you are guaranteed to see –

  1. Organize Information in a Single Platform –

Successful real estate firms rely on a plethora of lead generation streams. Companies get contacts from various sources, such as social media platforms, farming, direct mail campaigns, the sphere of influence (SOI), online advertising sites, and so on. With multiple individual databases, it can become confusing, and sometimes inefficient, to manage leads.

CRM in real estate industry can help in consolidating information from different sources in a single platform. Contacts can be collected easily and organized accordingly to access information on different devices, such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

  1. Make Immediate Responses –

When it comes to successful conversion of leads, immediate response to inquiries, specifically online inquiries, is essential. The best CRM for real estate agents will have a customizable auto-response feature, enabling them to give an instant response.

Though it might seem impersonal, customized auto-response messages dedicated to specific groups of contacts does serve the purpose better than late or no response.

  1. Stay in Touch with Previous Clients –

Though many agents consider the primary goal of real estate CRM software is to find and manage new leads, it can also offer to help them keep in touch with past clients. As previous clients tend to recommend their agent to friends and family members, having previous clients close to the business often brings more leads.

Real estate CRM allows agents to keep track of the anniversaries and birthdays of their previous clients, which enables them to stay in touch in a non-intrusive manner.

  1. Offer Personalized Services –

Recording every "intel" about a prospect on the best CRM for real estate agents, such as price range, neighborhoods and areas of interest, etc. can help in personalizing the service to convert leads successfully.

Paying attention to the details offers better payoffs, which is effortlessly possible with the help of CRM software.

  1. Automate Workflow and Tasks –

The best thing about CRM in real estate industry is that it can seamlessly combine a personal touch with automation. Because of this reason, companies are able to save enough time and resources, which could be put to use elsewhere.

  1. Get Instant Feedback –

A good real estate CRM will offer valuable insight into the effectiveness of strategies adopted by the agents. Get information regarding click-through rates on links, email open rates, etc. to find out what works and what doesn't. With instant feedback, companies get the opportunity to work and improve their strategies.

Why REroot is the Best CRM for Real Estate Agents?

REroot caters to the specific needs of real estate agents and companies in a customized fashion to ensure the best results. Every business has specific needs and requirements, and we make sure our CRM software fits into your business model.

As one of the recognized organizations, our solutions are secure and robust, aimed to change the way you work for the better. With in-depth features, intuitive UI, and brad coverage, REroot is, no doubt, the best CRM for real estate agents.

What gives us an edge over our competitors is the fact that our advanced security features are designed carefully to protect your data, only letting your users access with authorization.

Our CRM for real estate agents allows your sales team to access customer data all the times, allowing your agents to stay alert in order to close more deals effectively while keeping everyone in the loop.

If you are already using a customer relationship management solution, REroot will allow you a smooth transition to bring your existing sales data to our database with a few simple clicks.

With REroot as your real estate CRM software, you will be able to see a visible difference in your lead conversion rates, customer retention rates, revenue per salesperson, and customer satisfaction rates.

Backed up by a team of highly skilled support engineers, we provide strong customer support anytime you face with an issue, big or small, to generate solutions in a minimum amount of time.

With our integration with other social media lead generation forms and real estate aggregators, REroot will ensure that leads are managed on a single dashboard. Streamlining your real estate business couldn't be easier without REroot.

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